Turney Family History
1915,  Colborne, Ontario

My Aunt sent me this photo of my great-great grandfather (George Fletcher Turney) and his construction crew, in front of the Brighton Public School which was completed in 1915, so this photo was probably taken around then.

G.F. Turney was well before my time, and I only recently found out about his construction company - it was my grandfather, David Turney, who sparked my interest in buildings, carpentry, and construction. He was also a builder, as well as a civil engineer, and built many homes throughout Southern Ontario. He was also an early pioneer in environmentally conscious building - he helped start the sustainable building design and construction program at Flemming College, and built a straw bale home in early 2000.
 My grandpa looking like a badass with his helicopter (he was also a helicopter pilot, on top of all his other acomplishments.)