Intarsia is a form of wood inlaying, similar to marquetry, inlay, or mosaic. Personally, I like to call it wood mosaic. 

I first got interested in it after visiting the Cumberland Brewery, and seeing the beautifully  done hop flower carved by the Comox Valley based Wood Vibe Tribe. 

I’m really drawn to the play between flat, angular, geometric surfaces - and curving, organic, multi-dimensional shapes. I hope to explore some more elaborate variations on this in the future. The pieces were made with a scroll saw, sand paper, and lots of patience. 

The photo’s a little blury, and it doesn’t really qualify as intarsia, but I really like this frame I made for my brother’s wedding photo. Again, I was playing with the ways straight lines meet the flowing, irregular shapes - informed by the grain and live edges of the wood.

(I’m on the far right, my brother is the next to the left, followed by my sister in-law and her siblings)