Bike Shed
2020 Victoria, BC
This is a storage solution for a small downtown home on Mason st. The young family wanted a place to keep their bikes, garbage bins, and surfboards. It is at the very front of their house, and one of the first things you see when you enter the property - so they wanted to be sure that it was visually appealing. Another requirment was that it would be secure from theft, as their front yard is very visible to pedestrians walking by on the busy street.

We went with the sliding barn doors (sourced from Harbour Door, in Vic West) to maximize the size of the door opening, to make it as easy as possible to access bikes.

The frame started with 4x4 posts drilled + epoxied into the existing concrete slab. The frame was then built around the posts.

Madi, my apprentice, posing with the metal doors she made

we built shelves for storage in the inside.